The Battles of Alexander the Great

Arete now available for download on iPhone and iPad devices (one purchase for both). Coming soon for Android.

Step back into the ancient world and lead your Macedonian army to victory with Arete, the immersive hex-and-counter wargame that brings the legendary conquests of Alexander the Great to life. Whether you’re a seasoned wargaming grognard or a newcomer to the battlefield, Arete offers a rich and engaging experience for all.

Arete: The Battles of Alexander the Great

The game follows his military triumphs from fighting alongside his father, the trailblazing Philip II, to his clashes with the vast Persian army of King Darius III and finally to his invasion of India as he sought to reach the “end of the world” in the East. Arete (pronounced “ah-reh-TEE”) is a Greek word that means a combination of “excellence” and “virtue,” and in Ancient Greece it held particular significance as a concept of being in constant pursuit of the greater good through one’s heroic deeds.

Key Features:

  • Solo Quick Game: Jump into the action and master the art of war. Challenge yourself against cunning computer opponents in meticulously crafted scenarios and relive the pivotal battles that shaped history.
  • Solo Campaign: Embark on an epic journey through Alexander’s greatest battles. Progress through all seven scenarios and relive the legendary conquests. Check your grades to see how you stack up against the Macedonian king!
  • Pass-and-Play: Enjoy the classic wargame experience with friends! Take turns commanding your troops in a local multiplayer mode that’s perfect for game nights.
  • Online Play: Compete against players worldwide. Test your strategic prowess and rise through the ranks to become the ultimate conqueror.
  • Tutorial: New to strategy games or need a refresher on ancient warfare? Arete’s tutorial will guide you through the basics to ensure you’re battle-ready. Dig into the full rules if you want to review, gain a deeper understanding, or browse the combat tables.
  • Rules and History: Dive deeper with the full rules of the game and delve into the rich history of Alexander the Great. Gain insights into his strategies and the historical context of each battle.
  • Human-drawn Art: The game features seven exclusive, hand-drawn maps and dozens of hand-drawn counters. We will never use AI art in our games.

Seven Epic Scenarios

Relive Alexander’s greatest battles with seven scenarios, each on its own unique map and offering a distinct challenge:

  • Chaeronea, 338 BC
  • Granicus, 334 BC
  • Issus, 333 BC
  • Gaugamela, 331 BC
  • Persian Gate, 330 BC
  • Jaxartes, 329 BC
  • Hydaspes, 326 BC

Plan your moves, outsmart your opponents, and change the course of history with every decision you make.

Lead your empire, rewrite history, and achieve true greatness with Arete: The Battles of Alexander the Great!

Download Arete for iPhone and iPad today (one purchase for both devices) and become a legendary conqueror! Coming soon for Android.

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